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We Are All This Little Girl Who Wasn't Invited to the Royal Wedding

“Am I not a real princess?!”
PUBLISHED ON 05/24/2018

Have you ever had to leave your child at home for a wedding? While it might upset you, maybe you never thought about whether or not it upset them. Allow us to introduce you to Lola. The 5-year-old from Belfast, Northern Ireland, didn’t receive an invite to the royal wedding. And this news totally destroyed her.

“Why am I still not going to London?” she asks her mother, Ashlee Brown, in a video shared on Facebook.

“Well you have to be invited to the royal wedding; you can’t just go because you want to,” Brown replies.

We can see the wheels turning in Lola’s head. This news is quite unexpected.

“Are you just joking me?” she asks between sobs. Brown explained that you have to be a princess or prince to attend. Spoiler: This was a huge mistake.

“Am I not a real princess?” Lola cries.

Without missing a beat: "You are but you're mine and daddy's little princess," Brown says.

Lola’s school was hosting a tea party in honor of the royal wedding, which Lola confused with the real thing. Ultimately, she decided it made sense that she wasn’t invited, because Meghan Markle doesn’t know her.

If only everyone who didn’t make the cut could be so understanding.

PHOTO: Ashlee Brown via Facebook