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Local Cops Are Put On Diaper Duty — And Love It! (WATCH!)

PUBLISHED ON 03/10/2014

Policemen. You trust them to keep you out of harms way, to be there and protect you when you need it most and, uh, to change baby's diapers? According to officers in Dunwoody, Georgia, it's all part of the job!

On February 21st, two Dunwoody Police Officers responded to a local shoplifting complaint, heading to the scene to bring the criminals to justice. They certainly weren't expecting to be greeted with dirty diapers by two small children, but sometimes in life, well, you get way more than you bargained for. Tucked away in the car, just steps away from the scene of the shoplifting crime, were two little babies who needed a diaper change — and two officers, Kerry Stallings and Mark Steven, who were up to the challenge. Their parents were arrested for shoplifting at a local WalMart, leaving their infant babies behind in the car.

The policemen, who are both daddies to babies at home, peeked in the car and realized that the infants inside needed a change. Stallings told the local paper, "Nothing on here was prepared for a diaper or wipes, that's for sure." But still, the men knew what to do. Stevens added, "I've changed many outside of work, but in 15 years, I've never had to change a diaper at work." An officer nearby snapped a photo of the daddies on diaper duty and uploaded it to the police station's Facebook page with the following caption:

Officers responded to the WalMart in reference to an in-progress shoplifting. The suspects were located as they attempted to flee the scene. The arrested couple had two infants with them. One in need of a serious diaper change and the other crying so loud the sergeant on scene developed a headache. Officers Stallings & Stevens went right to work. Both are expert fathers as well as police officers. Diaper changed, baby stopped crying and later the babes were turned over to family members.

In typical Internet fashion, the photos were soon everywhere (with 6,000 likes and more than 500 shares!) — and even Stallings' wife was jealous of all the attention her husband was getting. He told reporters, "My wife said that she's been changing diapers for five years and she never got on the news about it. I changed one and I end up on the news." Because of their commitment to safety — and their general concern and compassion for two little people who couldn't take care of themselves — the officers are being hailed by the city with Dunwoody Diaper Bags!

Stallings said that the bags, which will be awarded to the heroes at the city's next council meeting "better be black with Velcro all over it," while Stevens noted that no matter the design, he's just happy to have one. "I will carry that proudly, "he said, "I will show up with my gear bag and my diaper bag on calls. And if I need to change a diaper out on a call, I have changed many before, and I can do another one."

How awesome are these heroes?

Do you feel like police in your neighborhood would take such great care with your kids?

PHOTO: Photo Courtesy of the Dunwoody Police Department