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Get The Look (for Less!): Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Sunny Pregnancy Style

PUBLISHED ON 03/14/2013

What's not to love about a maxi dress, a good pair of shades and a well-loved denim jacket? Answer: Nothing!

Which is why when we came across pregnant (and adorable!) Jenna Dewan-Tatum taking a care-free stroll, we had to give other moms-to-be details on her spring-ready outfit! But here's what really had us drooling over this comfortable, cool and super chic look: the price-tag! There's no denying that Jenna's wardrobe is made up of designer maxis and one-of-a-kind denim, resort wear shades and bags made from only the finest hairs of some unnamed new bread of catfish that only can be found sunning on the remote isles of New Zealand.

No disrespect to Jenna's all-star wardrobe, but we're living in a world called reality and here, we can't always afford to splurge on an outfit (especially when we're planning for a baby!). So we're broke down the costs on these spring maternity must-haves that will have you looking (and feeling!) as good as Mrs. Dewan-Tatum!

The mocha maxi dress is $53 from

The destructed bleach denim jacket is $70 from

Added bonus? We found copycat cat-eye shades for only $6 from (in a funky polka-dot pattern, too!) and the staple black and gold bag for $60 from

PHOTO: People / Courtesy of the Manufacturer