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‘Magic’ Dad Shows Off His Best Trick Yet (It’s A Baby!)

PUBLISHED ON 11/15/2013

When Anthony Stuart, a graphic designer, found out he and his wife, Kristi, were expecting, he planned a photo shoot that would chronicle their journey from conception to delivery — but not in the way you'd expect. Daddy-to-be turned his baby-on-board into one totally cool magic trick.

He founded the Tumblr " Daddy's Little Prop", where he plans out "elaborately staged moments." On the site, he credits his wife for being a very good sport. But it's the photos that really tell the story.

In his most incredible trick yet, daddy-to-be (and self-staged magician) Anthony conjured up a little princess the only way he knew how: With magic.

Take a look:

Photos Courtesy of Anthony Stuart/Dan Cubeson

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