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profile picture of Sarah Yang
Sarah Yang

Make A Date With Zac Efron (and Your Baby!)

PUBLISHED ON 04/26/2012

Well actually, Zac will be onscreen, but a girl can dream right? He’s looking pretty swoon-worthy in The Lucky One, which is this month’s Bring Your Baby Matinee (presented by The Bump and AMC Theatres) featured movie. Get out of the house or give your babysitter a break and come drool over Zac with us at noon next Tuesday, May 1st at participating AMC Theatres.

If you haven’t been to one of these matinees, here’s the deal: It’s a movie showing just for moms and their babies. The lights aren’t as dim and the volume isn’t too loud as usual, there’s stroller parking, you can breastfeed and it’s totally okay if baby cries! Yup, you won’t get any stare downs for bringing a screaming baby to a movie theater. Talk about exactly what a new mom wants.

Find a movie theatre and get tickets here. And bring friends — it’s a great opportunity to get some quality time in with your mom pals. We hope to see you there!

PHOTO: Warner Bros. Pictures