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March of Dimes Composes Lullaby of Baby Cries

It's music to our ears.
PUBLISHED ON 09/26/2017

Baby cries aren't especially pleasant sounds—especially when they come hours after bedtime. But a new video from the March of Dimes is reminding parents a healthy cry is a sign of a healthy start at life.

That soothing message is taking the form of something even more soothing: a lullaby. Or in this case, a lullacry. Using all different baby cries, the March of Dimes put together a lullaby.

“Every cry is music to our ears," the video says. "Help give every mom and baby a brighter, healthier tomorrow.”

The video comes in tandem with a new gifting program across US hospitals. Over the next few weeks, over 6,000 moms will receive gift boxes of newborn essentials for themselves and their babies.

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