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Maternity Fashionista: Casual Style (VIDEO)

PUBLISHED ON 08/30/2012

Meet our Maternity Fashionista, Lauren! Hailing from Toronto, the pediatric nurse is expecting her first baby in December. When she's not nursing kids back to health, Lauren's designing jewelry and making her own maternity clothes.

"I've found it easy to creatively rework pieces I already have," Lauren says. "Bump pride is a must! Figure flattering fitted looks show off your pregnancy shape and don't swallow you up like baggy clothes will."

Check out her videos each week where she'll show you how to make cute maternity outfits for every occasion. This week, Lauren demonstrates how to turn pre-baby items into a bump-flattering outfit that's perfect for the final days of summer.

[brightcove vid=1810705673001&exp3=971352577001&surl=,AAAA4FQHn2E~,zEDZi__C5PhWqIDD137q7gnsHwgc4A7D&lbu=]

What's your go-to casual outfit? What do you think of Lauren's look?