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Megan Fox Admits Motherhood Has Left Her Feeling ‘Fragile’

PUBLISHED ON 12/28/2012

Lets give the girl some much deserved props, shall we? After making the switch from red-hot Hollywood vixen to doting mama (not that you can't be both, but Megan Fox has clearly made her pick), mama to baby boy Noah Shannon, Megan Fox, has gone and done it again.

After proudly admitting that she's only lost 13 of her reported 23 pregnancy pounds, Fox says her body is "still too fragile." FINALLY — finally — a celebrity with a real outlook on what the post-baby transformation really looks and feels like. Instead of calling in a team of star-studded chefs and a personal trainer to whip her into shape, Fox has been enjoying  all the perks of motherhood. Saying that she "tries to eat whatever I want," she does offer up some advice to other moms: "Try and stay away from dairy — especially if you're a woman! It's really hard on your hormones."

Call me crazy, but it's totally rare to hear a star speak so candidly about the change motherhood has taken on her body. And in my opinion, it makes it so much better to hear such personal, intimate details coming from Hottie McHotpants Megan Fox. The way she's spoken about and regarded her own journey with her son and about motherhood in general have been so refreshing to read. Her admissions are something so many women (celebrity or not) can get behind and agree with. It's been such a nice break from the standard, back-to-pre-baby-weight 5 days after being pregnant, hasn't it?

As for praise for her husband, Megan says he's an "amazing dad."

"He does anything that I can't do at the moment because I'm too tired. Whatever's going on, he does. He's with the baby right now. He's the perfect daddy."

Was your body "fragile" after birth?

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