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For Dinner Tonight: Roasted Corn With Chipotle Butter

PUBLISHED ON 05/26/2013

Looking for the perfect side to compliment your backyard BBQ this weekend? Because Memorial Day weekend is all about grillin', chillin' and hanging out with friends and family, we didn't want to bog you down with a hard-to-follow recipe. In addition to all the burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken and grilled steaks you've got burnin' on the grill, you're going to love this delish side dish! When we came across the roasted corn with chipotle butter recipe, it was a no-brainer that we'd serve it up at our holiday feast this weekend Sweet, crisp corn is the best way to officially welcome summer!

It's a certified crowd pleaser, tasty and a must-have side that will totally compliment all the main dishes you've made. The best part? You won't spend all day cooking it up! If you're considering serving it to the kids, you can always lighten up the chipotle.

Head on over to for the full roasted corn with chipotle butter recipe! And we hope wherever you are, you're having a fantastic, sunny and festive Memorial Day! America!

PHOTO: The Nest