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Mila Kunis Has No Idea How Far Along She Is

The second time's the charm.
PUBLISHED ON 07/28/2016

There are some parenting myths that, typically, are false: You’ll get things done while baby sleeps. Breastfeeding will come naturally. But Mila Kunis is completely backing the assertion that with baby no. 2, you learn to loosen up.

“I genuinely have no idea how far along I am,” the Bad Moms star told late night host Conan O’Brien last night. “There are these apps where you can check daily to see the size of your baby based on fruit—like, today, my baby is the size of a guava, or a banana, or an avocado—and I did it every day,” she said of her pregnancy with Wyatt, who’s almost 22 months. “I literally couldn’t even tell you how far along I am right now.”

That nonchalant attitude is just one of the ways subsequent pregnancies can differ from your first. Some women start to show sooner in their second pregnancies than they did in their first. And unfortunately, some women find morning sickness is worse the second time around.

We completely understand; it’s not Kunis’s first rodeo. But if she were interested in keeping tabs on baby’s growth, she wouldn’t need to bump Wyatt from her app to do so. The Bump App lets you create separate profiles for baby and pregnancy. Because tracking toddlers is still really important to determine, for instance, why they’re behaving like tiny tyrants.

“She’s really funny and incredibly bossy,” Kunis says, talking about Wyatt. “She’s just kind of developing her language skills and she’s somehow mastered, ‘sit here now.’”

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