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Miracle Baby Born During Typhoon In Philippines — And Here’s How You Can Help

PUBLISHED ON 11/12/2013

Amid the devastation, destruction and hopelessness that's swallowed the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan , a beautiful story has emerged: A woman gave birth yesterday to a healthy baby girl in Tacloban.

When Emily Ortega, 21, delivered her daughter, it was to the uplifting sound of cheers, triumph and (happy) tears. Baby girl Bea Joy Sagales was born inside a damaged office unit compound on-site at the Tacloban airport control tower and was received with smiles on the faces of evacuees and military medics. News of her birth has spread a collective smile on the world stage, reminding us all that beautiful things happen daily, and most often when they're most needed.

The touching story isn't without heartbreak. Baby Bea's mother was found on Friday when, according to the Associated Press, she clung to a post to survive. She was found shortly after and rushed to the airport to deliver. At the time, her husband in Manila was unaware of what was going on.

Bea was named in loving, sweet honor of her maternal grandmother, who went missing on Friday during the storm.

If you'd like to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, please consider the following organizations:

Philippine Red Cross

You can make a donation to the Red Cross. Currently, the program is coordinating disaster relief initiatives throughout the central Philippines.

World Food Program

The program provides emergency food aid to families and children. You can make a donation online or via PayPal.


The Philippine branch of Unicef is doing everything possible to bring children drinkable water, medical supplies, shelter and food. You can donate online as part of an Emergency Typhoon Appeal.

Catholic Relief Services

At this time, the Catholic Relief Services has sent a team to areas affected by the storm and are working their way to travel into the hardest-hit cities and towns. You can make a donation online.

Caritas Manila

A Philippine Catholic charity, Caritas, is accepting donations both online and via wire transfers for families in need.

Save the Children

You can donate online to help respond to the extensive needs of Typhoon-affected children and families. Save the Children has promised that 10 percent of each donation will be set aside in an effort to prep for future emergencies.

Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development

You can link up with the department as a volunteer (or donate) to respond to those in need.

Gawad Kalinga

The Philippine-based nonprofit works to fight poverty in the Philippines but since the typhoon, they've refocused their efforts and are accepting nonperishable goods (like children's vitamins, rice, utensils and blankets) to help families in need. You can donate via credit card on their website.

The mGive Foundation Philippines Typhoon Disaster Relief Fund

Yesterday, the US State Department announced a partnership with mGive to collect donations for victims in the wake of typhoon. You can donate via your mobile device just by texting AID to 80108, which will give a $10 donation.

Welcome to the world, Baby Bea, we are so happy to have you.