This Is (Probably) What Baby Sussex's Nursery Will Look Like

Need some nursery inspo? Look no further than these looks inspired by the Royals' signature styles.
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ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
Apr 2019
interior design company puts together imagined design for meghan markle's baby
Photo: Modsy / Karwai Tang

The most buzzed about baby of the year will grace us with their presence before we know it! Meghan Markle’s reported due date is this month, so it’s only a matter of time until she and Prince Harry welcome the new Baby Sussex. In the spirit of the little one’s arrival, online interior designer Modsy has reimagined what Baby Sussex’s nursery would look like in Markle’s signature style. And for extra fun, it also created nursery nooks inspired by Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton. Scroll through the looks below and revel in the royal rooms.

Photo: Modsy

Meghan Markle’s Nursery Design for Baby Sussex

The Modsy team aimed for an “eclectic minimalist” feel when they designed baby’s room with Markle’s taste in mind. In the spirit of the Duchess’s California roots, they created a casual and easy aesthetic which merges modern furnishings with eclectic elements. The end result is a soft and dreamy space. Want to DIY it? Start with neutrals, then scout for nursery decor in different textures and patterns to create cozy layers.

Photo: Modsy

Prince Harry’s Nursery Design for Baby Sussex

Prince Harry’s fun and friendly personality comes to life in a room which is sure to spark baby’s curiosity. It’s a versatile look incorporating classic English elements. The nursery is super-charming, but remember crib bumpers can be extremely harmful for baby, so you’ll want to leave that detail out of your design. To recreate the space on your own, use rich and bold pieces contrasted by soft textures. Little pops of color throughout the room will stand out against the dark furnishings.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Nursery Design for Baby Sussex

A classic and traditional take on the room is sure to please the Queen. The nursery creates a cozy cottage getaway with elegant accessories. And Modsy couldn’t refrain from including one very important detail: “Also, if not obvious, any room designed by the Queen would need a Corgi lounging in the corner.” Want to give this room a go? Aim for traditional pieces and designs featuring classic shapes and patterns. Incorporate rustic elements into the mix to make for a warm and welcoming environment.

Photo: Modsy

Kate Middleton’s Nursery Design for Baby Sussex

Much like the Duchess of Cambridge, this room has an air of effortlessness to it and is pulled together with timeless furniture and accessories. As a mom herself, she would know just the right pieces to give the new parents enough storage and functionality. The end result is a nursery that’s practical and pleasing to the eyes. You can design your baby’s nursery the same way by mixing coastal textures like wickers and woven baskets with furniture that has a classic look to it.

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