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Mom Delivers Baby During Open-Heart Surgery

PUBLISHED ON 06/23/2014

At 36 weeks pregnant, Edita Tracey didn’t think much of it when she started feeling pressure on her back, saying that she assumed it was “normal” for someone so far along in her pregnancy. When the pain got worse (like, way worse), she decided to get it checked out. Doctors ran tests and found an aortic dissection; her aorta was rupturing. She was immediately airlifted to another hospital where a team of doctors awaited her arrival to save her life — and her baby’s.

After rushing her into surgery, Tracey’s doctors delivered her baby via c-section in — get this — 30 seconds!  And the saga didn’t end there; after delivering her baby, the doctors performed a nine-hour open-heart surgery on Tracey to fix her aortic tear. When she woke up, the new mom had no idea what had happened, and was surprised by a beautiful and healthy baby girl!

“I was just happy I was alive and that our daughter was alive,” she says. “I think that the baby saved my life.”

Both mother and baby are doing fine now, and are at home getting used to each other.  Talk about a birth story!

How did you know you were going into labor?

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