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Mom Discovers She’s Pregnant With Triplets 4 Months After Delivering Her First Baby

PUBLISHED ON 02/11/2014

How's this for an unexpected surprise: A woman in the UK found out she was pregnant with triplets just four months after giving birth to her firstborn son.

According to Reveal Magazine, Sarah Ward, gave birth to a baby boy named Freddie four months before she discovered that she and her partner, Benn Smith, were expecting again. Because it had taken them years to conceive the first time around, Sarah says that she and Benn didn't exactly consider birth control after she had recovered from her first delivery. She told Reveal, "Because it had taken me so long to fall pregnant, I was sure it would take just as long the second time. So when Benn and I made love again for the first time four weeks after Freddie was born, we didn't use any contraception."

But something was different this time around. She says, "A month later, I noticed my period was almost a week late. 'You better not be pregnant,' Benn joked. Neither of us really thought there was any chance but when it still hadn't arrived a week later, I bought a test. Just in case. To my shock, a blue line appeared and my eyes flew from the positive pregnancy test to my eight-week-old baby. This couldn't be happening. Benn was equally stunned. I had no idea how we would cope but as the news started to sink in, my worries gave way to excitement. Yes, it had happened sooner than we'd thought but having another baby would complete our family." At that point, Sarah and Benn, new parents to eight-week-old Freddie were ready to take on another baby (even if it wasn't part of their initial plan).

But things changed yet again when doctors told her that she and Benn were about to triple the number of babies in their family. When the technician asked Sarah if she knew how many she was having, Sarah just assumed she'd misheard her. "I gasped, thinking I must have misheard. 'Am I having twins?'" It was then that the sonographer revealed that Sarah and Ben were having triplets! "My mouth dropped open," she says. "'We'll have four babies under one,' I whispered outside, in tears of shock. Though we both have twins in our families, we'd never considered a multiple pregnancy."

When the couples triplets arrive, baby Freddie will be only 9 months old, which means mom will have delivered four babies in one year. “Having four babies under the age of one is going to be insane," Sarah says, "but I cannot wait to hold them in my arms. We feel so blessed."

An earlier ultrasound revealed that the triplets are two boys and a girl. Mom and dad are planning to name them Reggie, Stanley, and Charley.

Did you get pregnant with your second sooner than expected?

PHOTO: Reveal Magazine