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Sarah Yang

Mom Finds Out Her Baby Has A Rare Condition On Facebook

PUBLISHED ON 05/09/2012

Are people using Facebook to diagnose illnesses? Well, not exactly, but a British mom found out that her baby had a rare condition that could cause brain damage from a stranger on Facebook. According to Fox News, Charlotte Dent found out that her six-month-old son, George, had trigonocephaly, which can cause blindness, learning disabilities and might lead to death. George has a misshapen head, but his doctors dismissed it and didn’t see it as a sign of something harmful. A woman, whose son also has trigonocephaly, saw Charlotte’s Facebook profile photo where she was holding her son and alerted her to the condition. George was diagnosed the same day the Facebook good Samaritan alerted his mom and now he’s set to undergo surgery when he turns one.

What do you think of this random act of kindness?

PHOTO: Thinkstock / The Bump