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How Often Is Mom-Shaming Happening? One Survey Found Out

PUBLISHED ON 04/28/2017

In the age of millennial parenting, the most egregious examples of mom-shaming typically end up on Facebook. But for every viral story, there's countless more that don't make headlines. A new survey found that different degrees of mom-shaming permeate day-to-day parenting for nearly all millennial moms: four out of five.

The force behind the survey: Beech-Nut baby food brand, who launched a campaign called "Turn the Labels Around" last week. After surveying 1,000 American women online, Beach-Nut reported three major findings:

  • 80 percent of millennial moms deal with mom-shaming
  • 68 percent think the issue has gotten worse over the past five years
  • Moms who have experienced shaming are more likely to shame another mom

"We see moms under attack every day for how they feed their babies, how they hold their children, whether or not they work outside the home or even if they don't buy organic," says Beech-Nut Vice President of Marketing Andy Dahlen. "Instead of criticizing one another, we need to be supporting each other, which is why Beech-Nut wants to encourage all moms to 'Turn the Labels Around,' because the only label that matters is 'mom.'"

The company isn't the first to launch a campain against mom-shaming. In 2015, formula brand Similac called to #EndMommyWars, highlighting, among other issues, the judgment women who don't or can't breastfeed face.

While we certainly back this call to support all types of moms and parenting styles, we also want to arm you with advice to deal with the inevitable mom-shaming, however small, that may come your way. Check out our tips for combatting mom-judgment here.