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Parents Are Losing Their Cool Over This Genius Shopping Cart Hack

Strained backs will be a thing of the past.
PUBLISHED ON 09/28/2018

Texas mama Laura Castrillo shook the internet this week when she shared an amazing hack for getting kids in and out of the grocery cart. Her genius tip is a sure-fire way to avoid straining your back or pulling a muscle you didn’t even know existed.

It all started after her mom took the kids grocery shopping and mentioned her back was sore from lifting them. Then, Castrillo just about rocked her mom’s world.

Instead of lugging your adorable toddler over the cart and into the seat, simply lift the panel and let him crawl in. Yep, it’s that easy.

Castrillo shared her hack on the popular parenting Facebook group Love What Matters, where she explained its origins.

“I learned the cart hack from my stepmom. My stepbrother, whom I help take care of when my parents are working, has some disabilities, and my stepmom discovered this easy way of getting him into the shopping cart when he was younger,” she tells Love What Matters. “I’ve been doing it with my own kids for about two years now, and it has made shopping with them a lot easier.”

Parents everywhere were were blown away after she went public with her golden nugget of information, sharing the tutorial more than 49,000 times.

“While it may seem silly, the comments I’ve seen from parents who hadn’t known about this little trick have really been great—Moms with special needs children who are heavy but need to be in the cart, moms who are in the final stages of pregnancy and have toddlers that can’t be left to walk around in the store and grandparents, like my mom, who are disabled but love spending time with grandkids in any way that they can.”

This certainly falls in the ranks of the best parenting hacks we've ever seen.

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