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Mom-to-Be Delivers Baby Into The Leg Of Her One-Piece Pajamas

PUBLISHED ON 01/07/2014

When labor happens... labor really happens, y'all. And your outfit is no excuse! A UK mum-to-be, Jessica Wynter, was wearing her full-body pajamas (read: adult onesie) when she went into labor with her baby. She thought that she'd have enough time to get to the hospital but surprise! baby came way earlier than mama thought — and if it wasn't for her outfit, well, who knows what would have happened.

Jessica delivered baby Kye into the leg of her one-piece pajama set. The new mama, just 21, told The Sun, "If I'd not been wearing it I don't think Kye would have survived. It was incredibly lucky." In the park at the time of baby's arrival, Jess was worried that her baby would have slipped on to the pavement (why she wouldn't have just reached down to 'catch' him, I'm not sure). What's more surprising is that Jessica was with her mum, Christine, at the time. (So, again, why Jess' mom couldn't have pitched in a helpful hand is unbeknownst to me). Christine said, "Within seconds of getting out of the car Jessica screamed, 'He’s here!' I ran to her and, sure enough, heard a baby crying. I undid the zip of her onesie and there he was, tucked up safely in the garment’s leg. If she hadn’t had it on I dread to think what might have happened. It was really scary stuff."

Not to take away from Jessica's fear — because labor can be absolutely terrifying for a first-, second- or third-timer — but Kye was totally healthy after he was delivered. So it really was a miracle that he was delivered safely into mum's pant leg.

As for the onesie's future? Why, it's become a family heirloom! Jessica said, "The onesie saved my baby’s life."

Did you start pushing way earlier than you thought?

PHOTO: Alexandra Grablewski / The Bump