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Mom’s Suicide Breaks Our Hearts And Brings Awareness To Postpartum Depression

PUBLISHED ON 03/15/2013

Yesterday, our hearts were broken as we learned that a Manhattan mom strapped her 10-month-old son to her chest and leaped out of the window of her apartment building.

After falling eight stories to the ground, the only marks baby  Keston has to show are several scratches on his face. He was strapped to his moms chest and bounced off of her as they made contact with the ground. His mom, unfortunately, did not survive the fall. Cynthia Wachenheim left behind a suicide note. In it, the new mom said that she was a "bad mother."

Wachenheim was reportedly convinced that her baby boy had cerebral palsy, though it is reported that doctors never had reason to believe anything was wrong with baby Keston. Wachenheim was also on medication and going to therapy once a week.

The heartbreaking news hits home for mothers and fathers all over the country and also sheds light on the importance of seeking help if you're feeling the baby blues or battling postpartum depression. There is no shame — and should be no embarrassment — for moms who feel that they need help navigating the first months of motherhood.

At The Bump, we want all moms to know feel comfortable coming forward and talking about their pre- and postnatal struggles. Our community boardsare a safe, respectful place where mothers can get advice, tips and even vent to other moms across the country.

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