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Moms, the IPotty Has Arrived! Will You Buy One?

PUBLISHED ON 01/11/2013

When they said technology would be the way of the future, they weren't kidding.

Mommies, say hello to the iPotty. It's the latest (and greatest? and creepiest?) invention and it's headed your way. Now, your tot can learn to use the bathroom while playing games and watching their favorite shows. You can basically toss the DVR out, now that your toddler can take the iPad with him to the toilet.

Slated to hit stores in the beginning of March, you can order your very own iPotty and have iParty in the bathroom. Pretty soon we'll all be going to bathroom virtually, via an iToilet and washing our hands in our iSinks, drying them off with iTowels. Doesn't that sound like iFun?

But before we get too far into the electronically unknown, tell us: Is this iPotty a must have or a must not?

PHOTO: CelebrityBabyScoop / The Bump