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Moms Unite in Support of Breastfeeding In Public

PUBLISHED ON 08/10/2012

Breastfeeding moms, can you relate to this story? Jane Healy, a New Hampshire mom, was enjoying dinner at Tooky Mills Pub earlier this week. During the meal her 10-month-old started fussing for food and Healy fed the baby. Since in New Hampshire public breastfeeding is legal and Healy had dined at Tooky Mills before, she had no problem lowering her shirt and feeding her child. Unfortunately, others had a problem with it and complained to the manager, who then asked Healy to "use a little bit of coverage, so everybody is comfortable."

Insulted and embarrassed, Healy left the restaurant without finishing her food. She returned on Wednesday night, however, along with dozens of other local moms to participate in a protest against Tooky Mills actions that night. The moms gathered outside the restaurant and nursed their babies to show their unity.

"It is to raise awareness that you can breastfeed in public, and you're covered by New Hampshire state law," Healy told a local TV station. "What they did was wrong by asking me to cover up."

Sean Burt, owner of Tooky Mills, said the restaurant has supported public breastfeeding since it opened 14 years ago. He added, however, that the restaurant also looks out for the customers' best interests.

Do you think Healy had the right to breastfeed in the restaurant? Join us on August 15 for Public Display of Breastfeeding Day!

How do you feel about public breastfeeding?

PHOTO: Photo Credit: WMUR 9