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More IVF-ers Are Getting Single-Embryo Transplants

PUBLISHED ON 06/06/2012

We reported on a study back in January that women who get three or more embryos implanted during IVF  didn’t have a higher chance of getting pregnant than women who only had one or two implanted. In fact, the birth rates for those women with multiple embryos implanted were lower than those who had just one. Now, it looks like more people are going that way — implanting single embryos, which reduces the rate of multiple births.

According to TODAY Moms, more women are opting for single-embryo transplants because of lower pregnancy health risks and technological advancements that have made them almost as effective as multiple-embryo transplants. While many clinics are seeing that their patients are transferring single embryos, at other clinics, patients are very skeptical and don’t want to go through another IVF cycle (it’s expensive and invasive). Many fertility experts at clinics are working with their patients to explain the risks for baby and mom when there’s a multiple embryo transfer — both during pregnancy and after birth. Also, clinics are making sure that the healthiest embryo is transplanted, giving women a higher chance at conceiving.

What do you think of single-embryo transplants? If you were to do IVF, would you try more than one transplant at a time or stick with just one?