Nameberry Predicts the Most Popular Baby Names of the Future

Likely inspired by the adorable princess, Charlotte tops the list for girls' names.
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ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
Nov 2018
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When the year 2028 rolls around, we’ll likely see a lot of babies with the names Charlotte and Liam. At least that’s what Nameberry predicts.

The site analyzed Social Security data to calculate baby name projections for the next 10 years. And, according to Namesberry, the most popular baby names in 2028 will include some familiar choices as well as unexpected newcomers.

The database expects Charlotte, which first rose to the US Top 10 list in 2014, to make its way to the coveted No. 1 spot for girls’ names. As for boys, Liam is predicted to hold on to its top spot. And when it comes to gender neutral names, Avery is anticipated to be the most popular name.

Here are the most popular girls’, boys’ and gender neutral names. Names new to the Top 10 in 2028 are marked with an asterisk.

2028 Top 10 Girls’ Names

  1. Charlotte
  2. Amelia
  3. Harper*
  4. Emma
  5. Olivia
  6. Evelyn
  7. Mia
  8. Aria*
  9. Ava
  10. Sofia*

2028 Top 10 Boys’ Names

  1. Liam
  2. Mateo*
  3. Maverick*
  4. Noah
  5. Lincoln*
  6. Lucas*
  7. Henry*
  8. Theodore*
  9. Jaxon*
  10. Oliver

2028 Top 10 Gender Neutral Names

  1. Avery
  2. Quinn
  3. Sawyer
  4. Parker
  5. Nova
  6. Charlie
  7. Finley
  8. Emerson
  9. Logan
  10. Rowan

In addition, Nameberry also identifies formerly popular names which have started to phase out. Over the course of the next decade, don’t expect to see too many girls named Kaitlin, Dayanara or Isis; boys named Braeden, Braden or Jaydon; or unisex names like Jadyn, Jordin or Alexis.

Of course, when it comes time for you to decide on a name for your baby, it all depends on what you want your little one to be called. Check out a few baby-naming tips to help you choose carefully.

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