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Everyone Can Relate to Natalie Portman's Pregnancy Fear

We couldn't agree more.
PUBLISHED ON 02/01/2017

Pregnant and hungry? Not pregnant and hungry? Either way, Natalie Portman has some tips.

On Monday, Portman stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to dish about her new movie Jackie, and to talk about navigating the award show scene with baby no. 2 on the way.

Kimmel asked the Oscar winner about her eating habits, explaining that ever since his wife got pregnant, “It’s like Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest at Coney Island.”

Portman, too, said she is constantly hungry (#relatable) and even gets nervous when she doesn’t know what her next meal will be. Solution: She pre-eats.

“I feel like I get a little panicky about food availability,” she said. “Like, if I'm going somewhere, I'm like, 'Will they have something that I will want to eat at that point?' So before I go anywhere, I'll have a plate of pancakes or, like, a veggie burger or whatever, just to be prepared.”

Her bottomless appetite aside, she's experiencing some pregnancy perks. “Cutting in the bathroom line is one I'll take,” she tells Kimmel.

As for what Portman is naming her second child, she wants to meet baby first and then decide. But if baby wants to make that debut while Portman is at The Oscars, which, coincidentally, Kimmel is scheduled to host, he's kindly obliged to help deliver. That would definitely make our list of craziest places to go into labor.

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