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These Bottles Can Track How Much Baby's Eating in Real Time

It can even analyze your breast milk composition.
PUBLISHED ON 09/21/2017

Rarely do we see innovative products that can transform breastfeeding and bottle feeding. But a new bottle is in the works that actually tracks and records how much milk you’re pumping and how much baby’s drinking in real time. Naya, the makers of the game-changing Naya Smart Pump, are back with the Naya Smart Bottle.

The Naya Pump, one of our Best of Baby Award winners, changed the game by pumping with water to make the process gentler—and more quiet. Now, with the help of Kickstarter, they’re hoping to change the game by making bottle feeding worry-free. And as founder and CEO Janica Alvarez explains, reassuring moms means arming them with data.

“I heard countless stories of moms quitting breastfeeding out of fear baby wasn’t getting enough or because of concerns about her own milk supply,” Alvarez tells The Bump. “These moms felt guilty for not fully understanding their milk supply and what supplements did or didn’t work. The Naya Smart Bottle is a product that will help boost a mom’s confidence and empower her. We want her to know that, yes, you’re doing a good job—and here’s the data that shows it.”

The Naya Smart Bottle is the first that’s able to automatically measure volumes from pumping and feeding sessions as you’re pumping and feeding. That information syncs with the Naya Health Tracker App so you can keep track of feeding trends—and also see how much baby ate when if you’re not the one feeding her.

Even cooler: The Smart Bottles can analyze the composition of your breast milk, making sure it’s packed with nutrients and alcohol-free.

We know what you’re thinking, and no, you don’t have to buy the $1,000 Naya Smart Pump to use these bottles. While they are designed for the pump, they’re also compatible with other pumping systems, or can be used with formula.

But they’re not out yet. Naya is hoping to raise $100,000 on their Kickstarter campaign by Oct. 21 to make this long-awaited product a reality.

PHOTO: Naya Health