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Need An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up? Read This Exciting, Heartwarming Birth Story

PUBLISHED ON 01/29/2014

Yesterday, in the midst of a two-inch snowstorm that swept through most of the south, a baby girl was born. And, in true snowstorm fashion, she was delivered on the side of an At lanta highway by a police officer.

Police officer Tim Sheffield responded to an accident during the storm when he saw a car on the side of the highway. He asked the driver, Nick Anderson, if they were broken down. At the time, he noticed two little girls in the back. Sheffield told the TODAY show that Anderson said he was on the phone with 911 — and he needed help because there was little time: his wife, Amy Anderson, was minutes away from delivering their third child.

Sheffield said, "That baby was coming no matter what. She did about 99 percent of it. The father did a lot. They were both calm. They were troupers.” No doubt that Sheffield's calm disposition helped the couple; the police officer said he'd been in this type of situation before.

He added, "When the head came out, the father was starting to pull. I said, 'No, no, no. Don't pull.' And then the baby came out. It just happened quick. It was beautiful." And totally natural too. Sheffield told the TODAY hosts that Anderson delivered medicine-free. "It was 100 percent natural, but she did amazing. She really did."

The arrival of Baby Girl Anderson wasn't the only surprise of the day: She shares a birthday with her impromptu doctor, which makes the story come full-circle. As for her name? Nick and Amy chose Grace Elizabeth Anderson. And we love it! It's calm, cool and elegant — much like the glittering, peaceful layer of snow the storm left behind.

Shortly after Grace was born, an ambulance arrived to take the entire family to a nearby hospital. At this point, mama and baby are resting comfortably.

Congratulations to Amy, Nick, baby Grace and her two big sisters! Welcome to your very own winter wonderland!

Did you deliver sooner than you expected?

PHOTO: Lisa Viox / The Bump