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Need Help Changing A Diaper? Just Ask This Dog (WATCH!)

PUBLISHED ON 06/06/2014

Just in case you didn't know that dogs and babies are the cutest combination in the world, here's a reminder. In this viral video, we have Charlie, the most eager beagle in town, who is literally helping his mom, Julia, change baby Laura Olivia's diaper.

But how, you ask? Simple. Charlie, who seems thrilled to help, picks out a new diaper with his teeth and runs it over to Julia, who rewards him with a high five.

Then, he brings over powder in his teeth and also picks up the dirty diaper after Laura's done being changed and runs it to the diaper genie — wagging his tail the whole time. You've got to admire service done with a smile!

Watch the video here:

Do your pets help out with diaper changes?

PHOTO: YouTube