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‘New Mom Comics’ Prove Alone Time Is Gone Forever

PUBLISHED ON 01/19/2017

After having her first baby, Eli, Alison Wong quickly learned that time was no longer her own. But somewhere along the way that first year, the illustrator did find time to sketch a visual diary of her new-mom moments. The result? A hilarious comic book that tells parenting like it is.

"The year went so quickly, but drawing these comics helped stop time ever so slightly, and allowed me to able to relive those fleeting moments," Wong writes. "I created this series because it’s what I wished I had during the first year–it’s like a friend to tell you how it really is, with humor and love."

The batch below, excerpted from New Mom Comics, also serves as an important reminder: New moms need to do their best to make time to love themselves.

Food becomes an afterthought.

Shopping becomes an odyssey.

Showering's a stealthy operation.

Style isn't scalable.

And wine? Wine's always there for you.

PHOTO: Alison Wong