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New Mom Workout Trend: Babywearing at The Barre

PUBLISHED ON 07/17/2014

Whether you've always been a fitness buff or are just getting into the routine of working out, having a baby often makes it difficult to get quality gym time in. Do you call a sitter so you can get a quick run in? Or, if your gym offers it, do you leave baby at the childcare center? Neither one of these options seems ideal, especially during the first months with baby when the idea of leaving him in someone else's hands (let's be honest) freaks you out.

Thanks to one of the most popular new workouts for moms, however, there’s no need to call a babysitter for you to workout. During babywearing ballet classes , you can keep baby close while wearing him in a carrier or sling, all while you tone your abs, arms and thighs!

Babywearing ballet classes have started popping up all across the country, and with good reason. For mom, there’s the benefit of a rigorous workout that isn’t too hard on her new-mom body. For baby, the swaying movement of traditional ballet moves is comforting and emulates similar movements in the womb. The fact that this low-impact workout also serves as quality bonding time for mom and baby is just an added bonus.

Where can you find these fun, yet challenging barre workouts? Xtend Barreoffers a “Baby on Board” class and has locations across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. If you live in Southern California, check out Babywearing Ballet, started by mother of two Morgan Castner.

Break out your tutus! (You have one of those, right?)

What's your favorite way to bond with baby?

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