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New Reality Show Lets Mothers Give Birth In Nature

PUBLISHED ON 06/09/2014

What’s the latest trend in childbirth? Lifetime’s new series, Born in the Wild, would suggest that it’s natural births – literally. The premise of the show is to give expectant mothers who've had dissatisfying experiences with hospital births the chance to deliver their next child in nature, totally unassisted and alone (except for emergency professionals nearby, just in case).

Unsurprisingly, the show, which is conceptually a little strange, has received a lot of feedback (both negative and positive). Ron Jaekle, MD, says in an interview with Entertainment Weekly  that the concept “doesn’t make sense," and is incredibly risky for both mother and child. “I understand that everybody wants to overmedicalize pregnancy and that it’s a natural process. But it’s a natural process that historically has caused an extraordinary loss of life,” he tells the magazine.

On the other hand, natural unassisted childbirth seems like a pretty good idea to a lot of expectant mothers. Take the viral video that depicts a woman giving birth in a forest, for instance. It has over 22 million views. Obviously, the trend has intrigued a lot of people.

Will the TV show take off and empower expectant mothers to take their baby’s delivery into their own hands? Or will it scare them away from natural and home births for fear of complications? We know that you’re curious (don’t lie!), so check out Born in the Wild when it hits the air.

What’s your opinion on non-hospital births?

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