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Nick Lachey Has Pregnancy Symptoms, Too

PUBLISHED ON 05/11/2012

No, he's not going to be the next pregnant man, but the dad-to-be is experiencing some pregnancy symptoms. He and wife Vanessa Minnillo (they announced they were expecting in March) were on _ Live! With Kelly today talking babies. Vanessa told Kelly Ripa, "I've been lucky, knock on wood, so far – no morning sickness, no anything." But for Nick, Vanessa said, "He's got Pregnancy Dad Syndrome. He's got the cravings, he's got gas. He's like, 'I feel bloated, my back, my feet.' He's had me rub _his feet!"

In his defense, Nick blamed it on "old age" and said, "I just want to be a part of the experience, too!" We're not judging, Nick. Sympathy pregnancies _can _happen — they're also known as couvade syndrome. It's not exactly classified as a medical condition and doctors are split on whether it's physical or mental. Guys who have couvade syndrome can experience symptoms like nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, leg cramps, anxiety, depression and appetite changes. But it's definitely not anything to worry about!

Did your guy experience pregnancy cravings, too? How were your pregnancy symptoms?

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