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A Reminder to Moms: Showering Is Not Selfish

"Do what you need to do to be the best you."
PUBLISHED ON 08/17/2017

You know how it goes: Once you’re a mom, peeing with the door closed is the alone-time you crave. Showering feels like a luxury. But guess what? It’s not. It’s something all people—and yes, moms are still people—need and deserve. And blogger Nicole Snyder is reminding us that a little self-care goes a long way.

“This morning we had two boys up at 5 a.m. plus the baby. [My husband] Jason is off for the day so he was helping. I went downstairs, drank my coffee and started my daily grind of parenting and keeping small people alive,” she writes on Instagram. “But I also desperately needed a shower; physically and mentally. So I left the hubs with the boys, got the baby back to sleep and went to take a long shower.”

Of course, it didn’t take long before Snyder was interrupted. Here’s how she handled it.

“Jason popped in asking how long I was going to be and I didn't respond. I was taking this time for myself,” she says. “I can’t fill anyone else's cup and be the mom/wife they need unless I'm okay. It wasn't selfish to shave my legs and actually wash and repeat with my shampoo. It was necessary.”

Snyder ends her post by reminding moms how important it is to do something for themselves.

“If it's saying no to something, taking a shower or aimlessly walking around Target alone—do what you need to do to be the best you!”

Of course, there will be motherhood moments when showering won’t just be your time to refresh and recharge. Sometimes, it’s about multitasking. Just ask Jessica Biel.

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