Triplet Mom Opens Up About Their NICU Stay

Triplet Mom Shares NICU Story: 'Strangers Quickly Became Like Part of Our Family'

"They loved and cared for my preemies as if they were their aunties and uncles.”
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September 28, 2018

Being told your newborn will need to stay on the neonatal intensive care unit for an extended period of time is scary. And the days and weeks following are often filled with uncertainty and exhaustion. Luckily, the NICU is full of a community of doctors, nurses, staff and other families who offer all kinds of support during this time.

Instagram influencer Christy Beck refelcts on the incredible support system she was surrounded by during her triplets 32-day stay on the NICU.

Scared and somewhat resistant, Beck was emotionally unprepared when her babies were taken to the NICU.

“I was prepared for them to spend some time in the NICU, but I wasn’t prepared mentally for 32 days. I was so excited for them to be born and to meet them, that I didn’t really prepare myself for the time we would be spending there.”

Like many parents in this predicament, Beck was flooded with all different emotions.

“Words can’t describe the feelings of anxiety, fear, hope and uncertainty you experience as a NICU parent. It’s so hard leaving your children who were inside of you every minute of every day to strangers all of a sudden,” she says.

Soon, without Beck even realizing, these “scary” strangers became comforting faces.

“But those strangers quickly became like part of our family. They loved and cared for my preemies as if they were their aunties and uncles. I felt at ease when I went home at night knowing they were in the very best care possible,” she explains.

After many long days and nights, the three babies finally got to go home. Beck shares more about her family’s story on their GoFundMe page, and some of the struggles they still face long after their days on the NICU have passed. Regardless, the mom of multiples couldn’t be any more thankful to the staff who nursed her kids to health.

“I depended on them and they didn’t let me down,” Beck says. “You help us reach milestones and help us bring our babies home in good health.”

Other NICU families have commented on the sweet post, sharing their own stories.

“The NICU is a tough journey that no one will ever understand unless they have been there. My boys spent 18 and 22 days there… The NICU became a family, and I will never forget the care they gave my babies. You are a stronger mama for enduring that journey,” one former NICU parent says.

“My little man spent 150 days in the NICU… He’s seven now and we have a lot to be thankful for. I may have given him life, but the nurses and doctors gave him the gift of being able to live that life,” gushes another.

Although every experience is different, if your baby ends up staying on the NICU, take in some advice from other parents who’ve been there before.

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