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Why Parents of Preemies Are Loving These 'No Touching' Signs

Because constantly telling people not to touch your baby is exhausting.
PUBLISHED ON 10/04/2018

The day parents of premature babies finally get to take their newborn home is an incredible moment for the entire family. But that bliss is quickly squashed by the fear of other people’s germs infecting your tiny trooper.

Which is why you may have noticed little tags hanging from newborns’ strollers. These “no touching” signs are a way for parents to let others know they don’t want them touching their baby without actually having to voice this request verbally—which can get pretty awkward depending on the situation.

Tags4Tots is popular amongst parents who want to make sure their rules are met. The company was started by Johanna Ackerman, a mom who gave birth to a baby who spent an extended stay in the NICU. When he finally was able to come home, Ackerman wanted to make sure outside germs didn’t pose a serious threat for her baby’s health. She turned to these ingenious tags for help.

A mom of an adorable preemie baby shared her gratitude for the nifty signs, explaining, "I came across these and ordered one immediately for Wyldman. With RSV/flu season coming up and people’s uncontrollable urge to stick their fingers in his car seat, this is a must have. They have all kinds of designs, not just for preemies. Super grateful for companies like this who have your back!"

Many of the signs are polite, but firm in their messaging. One explains, "I’m a preemie! That means I’m extra small, extra cute and extra sensitive! No touching! You germs are too big for me!"

There are also signs for parents who don’t want to beat around the bush, boldly warning outsiders to stop before they touch.

Certain tags are even perfect for parents who are a bit more lenient with their touching policy. Take this friendly reminder, for example, which states, "I am cute and cuddly as you can see, but please wash your hands before touching me. Thank you!"

Germs and babies don’t mix well. With flu season upon us, the “no touching” signs may start to pop up even more. All parents have ground rules when it comes to babies’ contact with others, and the important thing is to remember to respect their wishes.