This Gyno Made the Silliest Mistake

Burn, baby, burn.
ByKelly Corbett
Feb 2017
gyno listening to woman's belly
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What’s the most uncomfortable thing your OB ever did during a checkup? For this California mom, a simple grab of the wrong bottle resulted in a massive—but harmless—burn.

Expectant couple Rachel and Chris McQueen posted a video earlier this month to their channel MotherHood Madness, filmed on the way home from the gynecologist’s office.

“The worst thing in OB history just happened to me,” Rachel begins. “And my sweet husband is going to be here to help me tell the story.”

While Rachel explains the ultrasound was routine, things really flared up when her doctor reached for the lubricating jelly bottle and, well, um, accidentally grabbed a bottle of hand sanitizer.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whatever you put in there, that’s hot!” Chris reenacts his wife in her frenzied state.

The couple can’t stop laughing. At this point, Chris even stops the car.

“Worst experience of my entire life,” Rachel says, still in hysterics–showing she isn’t actually mad. In fact, they’ve been laughing it off since it happened.

“I was actually crying in the doctor’s office. The doctor thought I was still in pain, but I just couldn’t breath because I was laughing,” she tells The Sacramento Bee.

“We love our doctor,” Chris adds. “It was just a terrible mistake.”

The video took off with over 200,000 views and serves as a reminder that everybody makes mistakes. Perhaps a new criteria for choosing an OB should be that he or she stores any hand sanitizer really far across the room.

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