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Oops! Dad Delivers Baby Into Toilet

PUBLISHED ON 07/30/2014

Can't decide between a water birth and a home birth? This Connecticut couple inadvertently got both with their second baby.

David Davis delivered baby Livia right into their toilet when it became clear his wife wasn't going to make it to the hospital on Friday.

Lillie Davis was sent home from the hospital earlier that day after being told she wasn't ready to deliver. Her contractions had stopped, and even a walk around the hospital couldn't get things moving. But soon after returning home and taking a bath, she had the urge to push.

David, who was helping maneuver Lillie over to the toilet just before she started pushing, got the chance to exercise his natural dad instincts — and his memory. "I looked and I saw Livia’s head peeking out. I remember how with Lina I saw doctors checking her neck to make sure the umbilical cord wasn’t choking her. I did the same with Livia," he told the New Haven Register.

EMTs were on the way, but they weren't fast enough for Livia, who was quick enough to slip right through dad's hands. "Lillie pushed one more time and it was like, ‘plop,’” he said. “I had Livia in my hands for about 40 seconds before the EMTs came in."

The family was immediately brought to the hospital, where their doctor called to apologize for sending Lillie home. Livia, weighing in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, is doing well. We encourage her to use her birth story as a fun fact during ice breakers for years to come.

Did you make it to the hospital in time?

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