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Parents Are Paying For Their Daughters’ Egg-Freezing

PUBLISHED ON 05/14/2012

Some people just can’t wait to become grandparents and are trying to ensure that they do by paying for their daughters to freeze their eggs. According to The New York Times, more fertility clinics are seeing parents of prospective female patients coming in to offer support – financially and emotionally. Freezing eggs has become a popular practice among women who want to preserve their fertility. It’s an expensive procedure (the cost is usually between $8,000 and $18,000) and while it offers no guarantees, some parents are taking the chance so their daughters could give them grandchildren later on. One fertility doctor even reported that at least three quarters of his patients have parents who paid for some or all of the costs.

Hey, we’re all for parents getting involved with their children’s lives – but it sounds like some of the parents were crossing the line and putting a little too much pressure on their daughters.

What do you think — are these parents taking it too far? What would you do if your parents offered to pay to freeze your eggs?