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This 60-Second Baby Coming Home Video Will Make Your Day Better

Best. Surprise. Ever.
PUBLISHED ON 08/09/2017

Introducing a new baby to his or her older siblings doesn't always go smoothly. Maybe they're a little too excited and need reminders to be gentle. Maybe they're confused or angry that your attention is diverted. Or maybe they have no idea what's going on. Well, the Pruitt family doesn't know anything about those scenarios. Because their new baby's surprise homecoming was basically a magical movie moment.

Check it out.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" the younger sister yells as mom enters the room with an infant. Cue uncontrollable sobs from the older sister. Hugs ensue. End scene.

The Pruitts, who live in Texas, are no strangers to adoption; three of their five kids are adopted. According to dad Shane Pruitt's tweet, this particular case was a quick call—they had to be ready to bring home the baby at a moment's notice. That's often referred to as a stork drop adoption. No medical information, no family history, no previous contact with the birth mother. The unknowns and lack of time to prepare deter many families from taking this route.

Most of the time, however, adoption is a much longer and more arduous process. There are many roads to parenthood, and adoption is just one of them. Learn more about the process here.