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Parents Who Let The Internet Name Their Baby Got A Pleasant Surprise

PUBLISHED ON 04/23/2014

So remember that highly optimistic and trustworthy couple, Alysha and Stephen McLaughlin, who decided to let the Internet name their baby? In January, dad-to-be Stephen created the website and asked anyone and everyone to vote for a first and middle name for his baby girl. Which seems scarier than watching Rosemary's Baby alone while you're pregnant, actually.

However, Stephen knew that the Interwebz can sometimes be a scary place, so he wrote this disclaimer on his website: "We will ultimately be making the final decision. Alas my daughter shall not be named WackyTaco692."

Wacky Taco wasn't too far off, since 150,000 people voted on truly... unique names. Here were the results as of January 14:

From most to least popular first names: Cthulhu (with 29,807 votes), Amelia, Megatron, Luna, Laquisha, Zelda, Charlotte, Streetlamp, Not Zelda, Olivia, Slagathor, Camille, Ixtley, Leslie and, bringing up the rear, Elliott (with 1,292).

From most to least popular middle names: All-Spark (with 17,599 votes), Mae, Rose, Doge, Of-the-sea, Le-dash-a, Grace, Salad, Titanium, Sage, Pond, Renee, Dolan, Hero and Amelia (with 835 votes).

Now, the wait is over. Alysha and Stephen's daughter was born on April 7 with this beautiful and surprisingly non-extraterrestrial name:  Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin.

Amelia, you dodged a major bullet on the day of your birth, and for that, you are the luckiest little lady in the world to not be named Megatron Salad McLaughlin.

Would you ever let the Internet choose your baby's name?

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