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Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem Pick A Lovable Name For Their Baby Girl (That Matches Their Son’s!)

PUBLISHED ON 08/05/2013

Baby girl Bardem officially has a name! Spanish magazine, Vanitatis, is reporting that Penelope Cruz  and Javier Bardem named their baby girl Luna Encinas Cruz — and we love it!

The moniker, which has yet to be confirmed, is a sweet nod to the couple's Spanish roots, as well as the perfect name to pair with Cruz and Bardem's son, Leonardo. Now they've got a Leo and a Luna to chase after. Another reason to love it? Luna means "moon" in Spanish — and I kid you not, there's nothing dreamier or more lovely than the moon. Baby girl's middle name, Encinas, is also a touching nod to her daddy's paternal surname.

Since it seems to be a hot trend to give your children different names that start with the same letter, we wanted to pose the question for other real moms.

Why some mom's said yes, they'd do it:

"We talked about it before having kids, and we agreed that it if happened that we found names we liked in that sense, we'd go for it.  After having our daughter, I convinced my husband to branch out and consider names that didn't start with A, but the only name we could agree on for him did. Now that we're considering a third baby, it feels funny to go against family tradition and give him/her a different lettered name. Thankfully, there are A names we really love, so we wouldn't be compromising."

"My sister and I had the same initials. Names went well together (Rebecca & Rachael) but weren't overly matchy. It was actually pretty convenient when we were still small enough to need initials put on our backpacks and such- my hand-me-downs worked for my little sister without needing to adjust the initialing. Mom was very pleased with herself and we both thought it was pretty cool to share."

"I don't have an issue with sibling names starting with the same letter... to a point. I think once you get past two or three kids it starts to get a little lame."

"I think it's fine... we're going to have 2 that start with the letter."

"Nope, I think they're cute together."

"My biological parents' names both start with "K".  When I was born, the name that they happened to pick for me also started for "K".  So when my brother came along, my Mom didn't want him to feel left out (this is the serious reason, she's said it numerous times) so she picked a "K" name for him as well.""I think it is okay as long as we don't go all Duggars!"

"My family does this so it doesn't sound weird to me at all."

"I think its a matter of opinion, you will probably get mixed responses. Some can't stand it and some like it."

Some mom's said no, they wouldn't:

"My sister and I have "matching" names that both started with the letter "L" and  growing up it was never a problem (still isn't). We fought hard against our little brother having an L-name too, though, mostly because our last name also started with "L" and we didn't want to be THAT family. So, two siblings with the same first letter is fine, but any more than that is really pushing it."

"Personally, I would never do it but I'm extremely picky about sibling names. DH and I love the name Calvin but decided when we named Clara that it was off the table. I also know a family with 3 M-names and a J and the last has always seemed out of place to me."

"All 3 of my boy's names start with a different letter. However, I liked names that all started with the same letter. It just seemed to rhyme-y to me and I couldn't do it."

Would you give your kid's names that started with the same letter?

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