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For Dinner Tonight: Perfect Penne Alla Vodka Recipe (Without The Alcohol!)

PUBLISHED ON 07/14/2013

Did your mouth water when you read that headline too, or was it just me?

This delish penne alla vodka recipe will charm every eater at your table. Chances are you have most of the ingredients already in your cabinets, so when the cooler temps roll in, you'll have a quick dinner-fix that's a total family favorite.

Serve it with some warm bread, butter and a crisp refreshing salad and you'll be shocked at how quickly everyone at your table cleans their plates! For a slightly less colorful plate, make a few servings with chunky tomatoes and basil (in case your picky eaters win out, after all).

If you can't have the alcohol: Try using heavy cream instead. Pour by sight, until your sauce looks creamy and orange. Add more to make it thicker (and creamier) and less if you prefer your sauce thinner. Trust us, you won't even miss the alcohol! If you're not a cream fan, just omit it all together. Adding a hint of chicken stock (we love fat free with reduced sodium!) helps bring the flavors together, too.

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