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Introducing the Clothes Your Baby Can Wear for Years

They literally stretch seven sizes.
PUBLISHED ON 09/07/2017

If you feel like buying baby clothes is almost like throwing money away, Ryan Yasin gets you. This engineer-turned-designer realized just how quickly babies outgrow their outfits when he tried to send his nephew some clothes.

“My sister was having another baby, and he really inspired me,” Yasin says in a video. “I had sent him some clothes, and by the time he got them, he had outgrown them.”

It didn’t hurt that he was also hoping to lessen the strain clothing manufacturing puts on the environment. So Yassin got to work.

By using a design with overlapping pleats that can stretch in multiple directions, Yassin created garments that can grow seven sizes—from 4 months to 36 months.

Check it out:

Even cooler: All of the garments are waterproof, recyclable and ultra durable. And they caught the attention of the James Dyson Foundation. Yassin, who’s enrolled at London’s Royal College of Art, was the UK winner of the $2,500 James Dyson Award.

That money will go to the actual launch of his children’s clothing brand, Petit Pli. (No, you can’t quite buy these clothes yet.)

It’s no Kardashian Kids, but it’s definitely shaking up the clothing space.

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PHOTO: Petit Pli