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Leah Rocketto

Pink Says She Breastfeeds In Public And Will Fight Someone Who Stands In Her Way

PUBLISHED ON 09/25/2012

When it comes to celebrity moms, and celebrities in general, there's no one else quite like Pink. The sassy singer isn't afraid to speak her mind, and that's one of the things we love about her. This week, she took her no-filter attitude to talk about an issue that's important to mom: breastfeeding in public.

During an appearance on the U.K.'s The Alan Carr Chatty Man Show, Pink discussed the controversial topic and how she's handled those who frown on it.

"The first time we went out to a restaurant, there was a guy who walked by," she recalls. "I had a cover on called a Hooter Hider, and this guy walks by and was like, 'Ughhh.' He was just disgusted."

Of course,  the mother to 15-month-old Willow wouldn't let this onlooker get off without a little confrontation.

"I was like, 'You didn't get enough hugs when you were little.'" she said, "'You are starting fights in restaurants.' I said 'I will... I will fight.'"

Despite Pink's trouble-making tendencies (I mean, this was the woman who devoted a whole music video to bashing pop-stars), she says she doesn't do this cause a scene. She does it for her daughter.

"I think breastfeeding is healthy and natural and it's a comfort to my baby, so I can give a sh*t what somebody else thinks,"  she said on the show.

Oh behalf of public breastfeeders, we salute you Pink!

What do you think of Pink's stance on breastfeeding in public? Have you ever encountered controversy over the way you feed baby?

PHOTO: Photo Credit: Zimbio