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Kylie McConville

Pink Skips The Grammys To Hang With Her Adorable Daughter, Willow

PUBLISHED ON 02/11/2013

I really just want to give Pink a hug after hearing that she skipped the 55th Annual Grammy Award Show for a fun night at home with her little cutie, Willow.

Although she was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album, the 33-year-old star ditched the show (and the hair, and the makeup and the red carpet afterparty!) to hang at home. She tweeted, "I had the most incredible day. Pancakes, willow, train rides, park, arts and crafts, nap time, baking, kisses. Dancing, music. Life is good."  And honestly, what's not to love about that?

Plenty of new parents have stayed home instead of heading out to work the award show circuit and serious props to them for doing so. For a lot of new parents, it isn't worth missing a moment with their child. For others, having their babies upstairs from the show in the arms of caretakers or family members is just as good a fix, too!

But even though she was absent from the seats, Pink did find time to tune into the live broadcast, tweeting in response to some of her favorite moments (like Johnny Depp — yum! — and Kelly Clarkson!). She even tweeted this picture, proof that her day with Willow was more fun than endless rounds of hair and makeup:

Photo: Twitter / The Bump

Are you surprised Pink skipped the show?

PHOTO: Photo Credit: Zimbio