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Post-term Babies Might Be More Likely To Develop Behavioral Problems

PUBLISHED ON 05/07/2012

We know about the health risks associated with preterm babies, but new research has found that post-term babies (born after 42 weeks gestation) have a higher risk of behavioral and emotional problems like ADHD. According to MSNBC, researchers analyzed pregnant women in the Netherlands who were expecting from April 2002 to January 2006. The mothers filled out a questionnaire when their children were 18 months and 36 months old, and the fathers filled out a questionnaire at 36 months old. There were 5,145 babies born and 4.4 percent were born preterm, 7.4 percent were born post-term.  Researchers found that the risk of behavioral problems at 18 to 36 months old doubled for post-term babies and they were also more likely to develop ADHD.

Experts are unsure of the cause of these risks, but are looking to do more research on the long-term effects of post-term births.

Are you worried about baby developing behavioral problems? Did you give birth after your due date?

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