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The Touching Reason This Woman Announces Her Pregnancy Over and Over

The reaction is worth it
PUBLISHED ON 06/06/2017

There’s nothing particularly creative about this pregnancy announcement. But it’s going viral for a heartwarming reason: the grandmother-to-be’s reaction.

The woman filming the video, Christine, has told her mother she’s pregnant dozens of time. Her mom has Alzheimer’s, and reacts with surprise and delight each time.

Christine’s approach is usually the same: “Mom, do you know I’m having a baby?” Here mom asks when, to which Christine replies, “October.” Cue an affirmative "good" or a squeal from her mom.

Our favorite, though, is when Christine asks her mom if she looks fat. Her mom sweetly and adamantly denies it—until Christine makes her touch her belly.

While this pregnancy announcement is unique, recording a grandparent-to-be's reaction to pregnancy news is almost always a great idea. Case in point? This adorably confused great grandmother.

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