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Pregnant With Quadruplets at 65: Annegret Raunigk Defends Her Decision

PUBLISHED ON 04/14/2015

Her youngest daughter, age nine, wanted a little sibling. So Annegret Raunigk dutifully complied.

Here's the thing: She's 65. And thanks to IVF, nine-year-old Leila won't be getting just one younger sibling, she's getting four.

During an interview last night on German television channel RTL, Leila said she had only wanted one new baby in the house.

"So what shall we do with the others?" Raunigk joked.

Raunigk is optimistic and excited about her pregnancy, although her age puts her at risk for preeclampsia, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and preterm delivery. But she's not worried — after all, she's already done it 13 times, with 13 different dads.

"My experiences with men were always that they were the wrong ones,” she said, explaining she's largely raised her kids — the oldest being 43 — on her own. "[I've] always liked life with kids...and the constant challenges it brings."

And the challenge of raising young kids in her seventies doesn't intimidate Raunigk. "I’m pretty fit now, so why should it be any different in five years’ time?" she said.

The Berlin native, a Russian and English primary school teacher who will be retiring soon, headed to the Ukraine for her IVF procedure. She used eggs and sperm from an anonymous donor, a practice that's illegal in Germany.

The babies are due in August, but will likely be born sooner.

(via The Guardian)

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