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New Pregnancy Workout Has Moms-to-Be Excited To Get Their Fitness On!

PUBLISHED ON 02/28/2013

Moms-to-be, trying to stay fit throughout your pregnancy? Try hula hooping! The hot new workout trend is picking up some serious steam (and followers!) and we really couldn't be any more excited. A class called " hoopnotica hoop dancing" is a low-impact cardio program that designed to strengthen your core muscles.

A pregnancy fitness trainer, Sheryl Wilson, started teaching prenatal hoop dancing when she couldn't find enough exercise variety for soon-to-be moms. She said, "I was really looking for a more energetic class that would be safe for pregnant women and appropriately modified — but something that would be more exciting to me than yoga."

And we can totally relate — how often is it the same old same when it comes to pregnancy workouts? When you're not expecting, the choices seem endless but when you are, the fitness pool gets drastically smaller. Hoopnotica hoop dancing was designed to give bumpin' and proud pregnant women more options; the kind that last throughout the course of their pregnancy.

Using  a specialized hula hoop, women have the option of staying with the class throughout their pregnancy, from first trimester right up until baby's birth! The hoop expands (as you do) and can be used to work out your legs, arms and chest — so you don't feel jipped out of a full body workout.

Says Wilson, "you're twisting, you're turning, you're going down low, you're coming up high and your core is engaged... That is getting those abdominal muscles ready to be able to push out a baby."

It sounds like the perfect class to grab your pregnant friends and head to!

Would you ever try prenatal hula hooping?

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