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Princess Claire And Prince Felix Of Luxembourg Introduce New Baby Princess!

PUBLISHED ON 06/19/2014

Royal baby alert! No, Prince George isn't getting a sibling, but this news is still pretty awesome. Princess Claire and Prince Felix of Luxembourg , one of the smallest nations in Europe, just introduced their new baby girl to the world!

But this isn't just any baby girl — this is  Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa , otherwise known as  Princess Amalia of Luxembourg.

Amalia's name is a tribute to both of her grandmothers: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Gabriele Lademacher. Sounds like she's a very elegant lady in the making!

She was born on June 15, but Claire and Felix debuted her on June 17 wearing a teeny tiny pink cap and dress leaving the Maternity Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg.

Also, shout-out to the stylish Princess Claire, rocking skinny jeans and wedges two days after giving birth. We see you!

Felix is second in line to Luxembourg's royal throne. He married Claire, a German bioethics researcher, in France last September.

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