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Listen to Radio DJ Broadcast His Baby's Birth

PUBLISHED ON 02/08/2016

We've seen a father tweet his way through labor and delivery. We've watched another document the experience with a selfie. But a St. Louis radio DJ is upping the game, streaming a live broadcast of his baby's birth.

Brandon Luttman, executive producer at 106.5 The Arch, had to leave the studio early last week when his wife, Alex, went into labor. With her permission—perhaps because this was their fourth child—Brandon recorded the whole thing, broadcasting it live.

Granted, the whole thing isn't very lengthy; the segment lasts only four and a half minutes. And Alex handles labor like a seasoned pro, barely making any noise and getting the baby out in two pushes.

"One contraction and you're going to be done," her nurses say, coaching her through labor. "Deep breath," they repeat again and again.

"We're about to bring a baby into the world and I'm going to have little to nothing to do with it," Brandon chimes in.

Finally: "There's the head! A little boy! ...A big boy!"

Baby August weighed in at over 9 pounds. His quick delivery wasn't completely drama-free; listeners can feel the tension in the room right around the two-minute mark as nurses encourage August to release his first cry. Thirty seconds later, we hear a nice, healthy wail.

You can listen to the full recording, which Brandon also shared on Twitter, here.



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